$610 Day Trading 10-02-18

$610 Day Trading 10-02-18

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greetings traders it’s Tuesday October 2nd 2018 about to get started trading here using decodes going to be looking for and taking a code to trade and when I’ve taken the entry i’ll will come back ok i’ve taken a short position stop asset 275 52 I will come back stop has been hit on that trade and it shot up to right into the stop got a little lost their little slip at Jemmy anyway I am looking for another entry here I think it’s gonna be a long but I’m not entirely sure let me confirm it with the code and I will be back once I’ve taken entry okay I’ve got another short entry here I’ll be right back and gonna said to stop I messed up that order I had to retake another position short here resetting to stop the right back okay here’s what the daily looks like now it’s getting it’s starting to go red here we are looking good we’d almost have a break of the first code which would mean at the first kotas no good and we also at the same time I’ll be getting a second coat too to go short here which I’ve already taken a position but be looking for it to show me mathematical confirmation that it is gonna go short I mean that then it confirms that it’s short but anyway we’re looking really good right here looks about as good as the I when I warned that it’s very possible that oil would do this very thing right here that’s doing today anyway looking for it to come down now I’ll come back okay it’s starting to make a move down here or sixty dicks it’s taking me down to 74 75 I may just go ahead and just keep that sixty tick exit there I’m just gonna watch it for a bit see how much it really looks like it wants to come down and follow the codes here I may go for more or I may just keep the 60 but I will go for at least a 60 vote I’ll come back okay it is getting late here where I am and so I’m gonna close out the trade and go to sleep but I probably could hold it for longer and it may come down and break this low down here and coming hit my sixty tick exit but other than that the market isn’t moving very much here today probably will move more tomorrow further for the news so anyway I’m gonna close out the trade here so get starting to drop a little bit here but I’m just gonna close it out okay so I’m out done for today I’ll be back tomorrow on Wednesday to take the news day entry which is a code to trade and should be a fairly easy day tomorrow hopefully it’ll move a lot tomorrow too anyway hope you traders are doing well happy training out there..

Before putting your money anywhere near this (or even paper trading it with your time) make sure you have your fundementals down. You can download the (free) audiobook Trading in the Zone: Master the Market which will make sure you have a good foundation for everything else.

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