Day Trading Small Cap Madness! Halted Forever?

Day Trading Small Cap Madness! Halted Forever?

Day Trading Small Cap Madness! $PLAG is Halted after a 300% move and news pending. Not sure whats going to happen from here but that move sure was WILD! You need to always remember the RISK involved when Trading these types of Stocks. These Chinese Low float stocks are especially volatile but also can ruin your account with just 1 trade!

Before putting your money anywhere near this (or even paper trading it with your time) make sure you have your fundementals down. You can download the (free) audiobook Trading in the Zone: Master the Market which will make sure you have a good foundation for everything else.

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Write up:

it has lost its mine today multiple stocks up over 100% some stocks up over 300% and then one of the biggest movers of the day halted halted for who knows how long that’s the scary part here talking about these crazy Chinese stocks it’s the small cap market right now what’s going on what’s good let’s get into it let’s talk about it let’s go all right all right what’s going on guys if you didn’t tune in to the live stream this morning I don’t know what the hell you were doing or where you were we had a lot of fun this morning we ended up fighting a lot of hot stocks and break down some of those moves and this the overall market this morning I’m talking about what we were looking at so LF LM FA kind of bouncing around doing some weird stuff there but PLA G was definitely the stock of the day now in the live stream if you want you can go back and you watch the live stream it was all live talked about PLA G here we got this push up there above $4 and then we were sitting there looking at like okay over $5 could be a good entry it ended up getting halted and jumped up there just six dollars and pulled back and I was like alright guys we’re looking for this to hold that $5 area now why would that final area be so important because obviously you know the whole dollar got the EMA’s all sitting there thinking that this does pull back after the halt to the five dollar area and then holds that support well we’re looking for the move higher ended up going all the way to 1150 now I had no idea this all can go that high but I was basically looking for that five dollar support to hold and then look for it to push above six dollars which it did beautifully and got all the up there to seven dollars definitely a solid move overall a couple of good in trees you know that balance I think bear off the $5 with a good balance even that break over six kind of a little pullback there flag in there he’s on the 5 minute chart just how it was just Green Green Green Green Green but on the one minute chart some nice little pullback so I think you know this six dollar pullback would we find a seven dollar pullback area would be good and then the problem here with these types of stocks is when they keep going higher and higher and higher you gotta take profit there’s always a chance that PLA G could go you know all the way to the moon you could go $200 who knows it could always go higher but the problem is the higher and higher that these low flow Chinese companies go the bigger that they get halted we’ve seen this before we’ve seen stocks last year I think it was lfi in got halted t12 Hall it got ended up getting delisted so you gotta be careful when you’re playing these really crazy stocks and I tell people all the time yeah it’s a problem when he got it there was a guy that bought PL AG during the livestream he bought it at 6: 20 he bought her right here in 620 the stock goes at 720 he’s like should I sell should I sell them like well I mean at that point you’re up a dollar you might as well take some profit there you know he gotta take some profit you can’t be greedy you don’t want to be greedy on these types of moves it stocks up over 300% and he said move up there to 1150 now so something definitely is going on there people talking about a possible d listing people talking about yesterday the CEO or the day before the CEO ended up buying a bunch of shares I think it was back here 2000 I think it was back on this area he was buying here yeah the CEO bought a bunch of shares I think it was either the 16th or the 17th the CEO of the company bought like 5 million dollars worth of shares on the open market so that probably would have been maybe in this area kind of see the big spike in volume but PL AG big spike today who knows what’s gonna happen here they’re waiting on news it’s right now just halted and pending news waiting on news we’ll see what happens here hopefully none of you guys are holding this one I hope I’m hoping no one’s holding this right now if you’re one of my viewers if you’re one of the watchers you’re in the livestreams today hopefully you took profit I mean if you’re getting in there $5 this thing goes a 10 you better be taking profits 100% move baby 100% move right there called out during the live stream if you haven’t already make sure you tune in to the live streams because it’s a lot of fun and we do we find some hot stocks that we find some hot stocks what else now buying a dip here obviously we see the support is there we’re above that support we’re above those moving averages the view app all that stuff all that support area we’re above all that I said during the live stream if this breaks below $5 it’s a bad sign so keep an eye on the $5 area that whole dollar support and what do we get this dips down there to $5 and then rallies up there to 1150 so a lot of crazy stocks moving lately got ft ft you think we made a made a bit of a move there at open as well from a dollar 35 there to $2 pulling back down there there’s just been too much I’m out of breath I’m out of breath right now also so you see here in seats why another Chinese pump and dump kind of you can see here at NCT why another crazy stock it jumps it’s still up over 131 percent right now it jumps up there this morning from two dollar area up there to nine dollars this all happened pre market which is pretty wild cuz this all happened in the morning before the market even open that’s 82 o’clock there so 9 o’clock there’s the market open right here and look at it just gets demolished so you gotta understand those key areas like I was telling people in the livestream that 750 area would have been the key area there on NCT y you can see pretty much playing out exactly like that all that selling pressure there above that 750 s and then just getting denied getting denied it’s great to see these stocks popping up moving around having volatility it’s sort of looking for when we’re day traders looking for volatility in general you can’t buy stalking it’s not moving if the stock isn’t moving there’s no money to be made even though it’s moving up and moving down we’re looking for that volatility up down all around but if it goes sideways it’s hard to make money in a sideways market you can see PLA G still halted hoping it might REO but it’s probably gonna be open today but you can see also this morning pol AG popped up there on the scanner at 372 3 dollars and 72 cents that’s when we started looking at it in the pre market that’s when we started looking at it on the live stream but you can see right down the scanner this is why I’m using trade ideas baby this is why I’m using it because it’s giving me the best alerts the entries and all that and that’s all I got a dude it’s news in the scanner to see these opportunities I think you see that break over $4 little bit of a pullback there bounced off that $4 support we really didn’t get much volume until we broke over 5 so honestly that fired our area what it’s a better entry they’re just having more volume and then you can see the rip after that but nice move there on PLA G its Halton right now we’ll see what happens it might not reopen to be honestly you guys it might not reopen today but we’ll see I’m praying for you guys I’m praying for you if you are holding PLA G I’m praying for you and I hope that it’s gonna reopen here sooner than later and there it is crazy crazy Friday normally these Fridays are slowly there’s not much going on normally on Fridays but today getting some action getting some action today baby PLA g getting some action they’re going higher making moves this is really what this whole video was about just showing you guys this opportunity here on PLA G and just also the IB taking profit when you got it you don’t want to hold too long the socks up over 300% you gotta tell yourself hey should be taking profit I probably should be taking profit here thinking about that always thinking about where he’s picking profit out by having a good plan and PLA G today hopefully you guys are I’m hoping you guys aren’t still holding if you are so holding let me know down below in the comments if you traded PLA G talk about it down in the comments down below leave a comment where did you buy it out where’d you sell it at are you still holding out let’s talk about it let’s get into it if you guys haven’t already do me one big favor hit that subscribe button and I’ll talk to you guys later on..

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  1. Only the tip 😉 . Also just had a thought about you mentioning not making much money from the live streams. I noticed today you made a lot more with consideration to donations than from the live stream earlier on in this week. I think that the more consistent you are, the more viewers you can attract (as they know when and where to find you) for example you almost broke 1000 viewers today (and this will naturally lead to more donations over time). Live streaming your trades will also (IMO) help out so many more people in live time, and who knows they may give you a small percentage of their wins 😉 (as a result of being filled with joy from their profits, you helped them to get). You also mentioned that you make more revenue from the regular videos, I do not see a reason why you cannot delete the live streams and then post a “highlight video” similar to what twitch gamers do (for those who do not want to watch a 2-hour video). I agree with your sentiments that you are the best trader on this platform and would love to see you continue to grow, I definitely feel providing free assistance would set you apart from the competition (ie. not needing to pay $200/ month to see trades). That being said I totally understand you have other commitments (such as fishing, so it could just be like Mon, Wed, Fri), just sort of thinking out loud as I love the help you provide. Enjoy your trip next week and thanks for reading this :D.


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