Day Trading Twitter Ipo For $7,800 In One Hour! – Meir Barak

Day Trading Twitter Ipo For $7,800 In One Hour! – Meir Barak

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Video text:

hi theaters we were waiting for Twitter IPO and here it comes up 80% today buying 1000 shares right here first breakout it’s looking great and here we go long one to 1000 shares it’s not supposed to be stopping here okay twitter is consolidating right here at the highs it’s not pulling down which is good I’m adding 700 shares I think we’re about to see a new black art if I’m going to see a breakout I’m going to add a little bit more okay looks like the breakout is getting closer here I’m adding added 1000 shares I didn’t get it my limit price was a little low I’ll wait just a little bit okay here it comes I have it two thousand seven hundred shares buying 700 more 3,400 right at the breakout I’m up $1300 it should continue nobody’s selling Twitter on the first day the entry price today the lowest price so there was $45 and here it goes I’m up $2,800 thirty three thousand and she goes look at that absolutely amazing 4,000 it’s still in the breakout mode look at this technical breakout right over here this is where I added 5,000 and we go I’m getting ready to sell some whoa look at that 6,000 this is nice salt okay just realized almost $4,000 I’m still holding nine hundred shares let’s see how far can it go look at that I saw just a little bit too early it started trading today at $45 it’s getting close to the $50 number I find it a little bit hard to think about moving over $50 should be a lot of sellers over there sold another 800 shares just holding 100 I don’t anticipate it moving over the 15 stop that $44.99 know what it looks like is going to move over $50 lots of energy look at the number of cells right here at the $50 mark it looks like it may go over but no it stopped okay I’m still holding the 100 shares and it looks like Twitter is pulling back down first pull back for the day and I’m about to sell the 100 shares and I’m also planning to short it if I can okay sold the 100 shares okay this is a pullback I’m shorting 1,000 shares and I would like to add I’m adding adding 100,000 more look at my stop my stop is right over the $50 mark it’s a $1 stop I’m sure to two thousand shares now you should know Comex is the only platform in the world where you can short stocks actually stocks if these on the day of the IPO you just can’t do that in the real market and this is a great opportunity for me today look I’m up two thousand dollars right now I’m getting ready to buy and buy 1000 baht okay realize nine hundred and forty dollars I’m still holding one thousand shot it did pull back but this is around the point where it should stop and move back up maybe look at here this is a view up this is where most of the institutional buyers are supposed to be buying so I’m a little bit concerned that I’m going to see a pullback to the highs I’m getting ready to buy a second half I think I had enough Twitter for the day okay I’m buying took another $1,000 I’m done for the day up seven thousand eight hundred and forty two dollars I think I made money on Twitter more then whenever this company has ever made this is nice okay thank you very much for watching bye..

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Comment (8)

  1. Solid job Meir. You have this natural ability to trade your accounts like it’s virtual capital, something I still try to do today after many years. In, out, in, out, quickly, no doubts, always calling great pivot points.

  2. He did make alot of money and the strategy is great. Although did u see how much money he needed to use in order to make that much? Those are blue chip stocks and hes trading twitter for $45-50 a share N in the beginning he had 3400 shares. Multiply 3400 shares times $45( or wherever he bought at) and you get $153,000 approxiametly. Yea he made lots of money but he had to put up alot just to make that. He is no doubt rich with a massive account. Small acounts of less than 5k (which is considered small) would NOT make nowhere near what he made atleast not in a couple mins/hrs.

  3. Amazing work Meir. I always like riding those waves.. almost easy money. I was also in that run up when it opened, sold at $49.99. I was too afraid to short as I haven’t done so before so I just let it be for the day. Guess I’m missing out on shorting. I wished there’d be more IPOs like this.


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